Track spell usage as your Pathfinder character prepares and casts spells.

Never again do you have to keep track of how many spells per day you can cast; flip through your character sheet to find the right spell to cast; or look up spell duration, targets or save DCs.

Simply load your character from a PCGen file (.pcg) and instantly get access to your character as you prepare, cast, and track the remaining duration of ongoing spells. Lookup the spell in the Pathfinder Standard Reference Document at the touch of a button if you need more detail.

Spell Tracker is built for Pathfinder and the d20 system from the ground up. Try it for one session and you'll never go back.

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Support for all official caster classes

Spell Tracker supports classes from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide and Ultimate Magic including Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Magus, Ranger, Paladin, Oracle, Inquisitor, and more...


Everything you need to know on one screen

See the spells you know, have prepared, and have cast - all in one place. See the saving throw, targets, and range without even checking your character sheet. Save time, feel awesome!


Get the full details on any spell in one tap

Spell Tracker supports spells from every official Pathfinder source, and at the tap of a button you can look up the full details on d20pfsrd. Get all the info you need without opening a rulebook!

"It's so convenient - I couldn't go back to playing without it."

Yorewin (Level 9 Sorcerer)

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