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Make it easy to track your spellcasting in Pathfinder 1e.

Being a spellcaster can be complicated. Don't make it harder with pen and paper or spreadsheets. Use an app that takes care of everything for you. Enjoy the game instead of doing admin.

Spell Tracker keeps track of everything in one place. It remembers which spells you know. It calculates your spells per day. It updates your remaining spell slots as you prepare and cast spells. It tracks the remaining duration of active spell effects. And it puts the rules at your fingertips.

No hassle. No admin. Just play.


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Never forget how many spells per day you have left to cast and prepare.

It can be difficult to keep track of how many spells you've cast and prepared. Especially in the heat of battle, or when you're frantically healing everyone, or when you're casting a ton of buffs.

Spell Tracker automatically keeps track of how many spells you have left to cast or prepare at each level. And it's as flexible as you are.

Using some metamagic and need a higher level slot? No problem. Substituting a prepared spell to cast Cure Wounds or Inflict Wounds? Simple. Preparing a spell from an opposition school and need to use up two spell slots? It's automatic.

You handle the strategy. You make the tactical decisions. Spell Tracker will keep track of your spell slots.

See how many spells are available to cast at each level

Countdown the durations of active spells as you prepare, cast, and play.

How many rounds was it since you cast Haste? How long do you have left on Invisibility? Do we still have Resist Energy, Communal?

It can be really tough to remember how long your spell effects have been in play, especially when you're moving in and out of combat with durations lasting minutes or hours. It gets even more complex when you have to factor in the casting time for any new spells.

Spell Tracker automatically tracks the durations of the spells you cast. And as you cast new spells, the casting time is deducted from the existing spell durations. If you take a round, minute, hour or day without casting, you can just tap a button to advance time and Spell Tracker will do the rest.

There's no need to get bogged down keeping track of when your spells expire. Let Spell Tracker take care of it.

A list of active spells and remaining durations

Create and edit your characters with as few taps as possible.

Character creation in Pathfinder can be a real joy. But using character creation tools can be a real pain. Who wants to fight with a 90s user interface?

If you're using an app, you want to get started ASAP. You want to spend as little time as possible entering information about your character. Spell Tracker makes it easy with simple editor that only asks for information it really needs. No skills, no irrelevant feats, no familiar, no backstory. Just the bare bones to track your spells.

Pick your classes, then Spell Tracker will ask for the extra information it needs. Arcane schools, bloodlines, domains, spirits, mysteries, patrons. You'll only be asked for choices that matter to your character.

Everything is filterable and searchable. Save time scrolling through lists of spells, feats, classes, and magic items. Just type the first few letters of what you want, and the app will show you what you need.

A simple yet powerful character editor

Get the full rules for any spell in one tap.

Flicking through rulebooks or searching the internet to find the rules for each spell is slow and boring. And not even the most dedicated player knows all the rules off by heart. Good job there's a better way.

Spell Tracker shows you a quick summary of everything you can prepare or cast. Casting time, duration, targets, range, DC, saving throws, spell resistance—it's all on the screen when you need it most. But sometimes you need the full rule text to figure out what's possible.

With a single tap, Spell Tracker can show you the full rules from d20pfsrd for any spell. Instantly see what you need to know. No more searching. No more wasted time.

A list of spells available to prepare, and remaining spell slots by level

Handle metamagic feats and rods with ease.

Metamagic takes spellcasting to a whole new level. If you're using an app to track your spellcasting, you need it to handle metamagic too.

Don't worry—Spell Tracker has you covered. It shows you exactly which spells can be enhanced with your metamagic feats. It intelligently limits your options based on your remaining spell slots. Level increases are calculated and applied automatically. And the effects are shown in the spell summary so you won't forget about that doubled duration or reduced casting time.

Using metamagic rods to avoid increasing the spell level? Spell Tracker Pro makes it easy to track the remaining charges in each rod. It shows you exactly which spells can be enhanced based on whether you have a lesser, standard or greater rod. So you just need to focus on choosing the right spell for the job.

A dialog box to apply metamagic to a spell

Track magic items and special abilities. Everything you need in one app.

There's more to magic than just spellcasting. What about the special abilities? What about the potions, scrolls, wands, staves, and rods?

When it comes to magic items, Spell Tracker Pro can track everything in one place. Choose from over a thousand potions, scrolls, wands, staves, and rods to track alongside your spells. Don't worry about the rules for recharging staves, applying metamagic rods to spells, or using wands. The app makes it all easy.

Special abilities are just as simple. Spell Tracker Pro suggests relevant abilities to track for your character based on your build. Each one is linked to the full rules on d20pfsrd. Then the app keeps track of how many times per day each ability can be used.

Pro features such as magic items and special abilities
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Play any Paizo caster class

Every core, base, hybrid, prestige and unchained caster class is ready to go.

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Sync your characters

Transfer characters and settings seamlessly between devices with Spell Tracker Pro.

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Import from PCGen

Save time creating characters by importing PCGen character sheets in just two taps.

“Brilliant app. I don't think I could have made it to level 15 as a cleric without it.”

—Earl G

“Awesome and super convenient! Perfect for players who dont know the guides inside and out. Love the multiple character slots.”

—Heather A

“An excellent app for tracking and managing spells. With an exhaustive amount of spell source material and features that intuitively change as you level up your character (such as spell slots and attribute increases), you can rest assured that being a prepared caster isn't a total nightmare - even if you are new to the game!”

—Danie M
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